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Operate your warehouse at the speed of e‑commerce

Get more details on how your warehouse can seize new opportunities to boost performance in four areas and keep pace in today's on‑demand economy with Zebra's modern Android devices:

  1. Accelerate order fulfillment with 40% faster data entry¹ and the ability to capture multiple barcodes in a single scan.
  2. Fill orders with greater accuracy ‑ 60% fewer errors¹ with touch screen—and scanning technology that captures barcode data from near and far distances.
  3. Onboard workers faster, including temporary hires, with Android's familiar, intuitive touch‑screen interface.
  4. Maintain continuous device uptime with features such as fast charging, hot‑swap batteries, instant push‑to‑talk communications and up to 7 years security support.

¹Warehousing 2020 Vision Study, Zebra Technologies, 2016.

Federal and SLED Solutions LLC is your solutions provider for the Zebra products you need. Federal and SLED Solutions LLC (Fed/SLED) was formed in 2017 with the goal of providing excellent products, services and solutions to the US Federal, State, and Local Governments, as well as First Responder Groups, Medical and Education Sectors.

See how you can boost operational performance with Zebra® Android

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